Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Think I Know What I'm Doing . . .

Hey everyone,

After seeing Kade and Lisa's cute blog I decided that it would be a good idea to try and do one of our own -- my main motivation to do this right now is that I can share videos of the kids with Gerit while he's gone to Texas, but a nice little perk is that I can also share with family and friends, and let you know what it is we're up to these days!

Well, what I've been up to lately is . . . . diapers, up to my elbows in them, in fact. But, despite all
the work, and a few tears, we're doing really well. The kids are cute as ever of course (no prejudice here), and we're having a lot more fun now that summer has arrived!! I'll try to update this on a fairly regular basis, but be patient with my lack of being on computers anymore (this has been interesting to figure this whole thing out with kids in my lap and crawling on my back).

In case I haven't told everyone, Gerit is at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX, training to be a Medic. It's a step up from Boot Camp but it still isn't quite like home. He is doing really well and has earned a reputation of being the one to go to because he is the honest, trustworthy guy in the group. The kids and I miss him terribly, of course, but we're so proud of him! He gets to come home August 15!!! At that point he'll get a full-time position within the military here at home, and then he'll apply for Officer Candidate School, which will take him from us for another several months, so we're going to really enjoy our time with him while he's here!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!!


Our little Gavin-meister just turned 3 months old -- I can't believe how fast time is going and how much he's changing! I probably said this about all my kids when they were this age, but he is the most perfect baby ever! He is so happy and patient (he has to be, with two older ACTIVE -- to say the least -- sisters). He is sleeping 10-11 hours straight through the night and now he is an excellent napper during the day! (I didn't know what to do with him for the longest time, but then I discovered the secret -- he likes to sleep on his tummy for naps and on his back during the night -- who knew? Works for me.) He's holding his own, being the only man of the house presently, although I did notice the other day that one of his sisters managed to slip a bracelet on his arm while he was having tummy time -- poor kid, he's doomed to a life of Barbies and Polly Pockets if we don't get him some Tonka Trucks . . . soon! He's totally enthralled with his sisters, even when they maul him, and he's an absolutely wonderful addition to our family -- I never knew boys could be so fun!!!

Kayla and Jenna are always wearing the Mr. Potato Head glasses, and now it looks like Gavin will be sporting these as well . . .

Here is a little video showing Gavin during tummy time . . . . and an attack from the big sisters!

This is an old picture but I'm proud of my cute girls in their Easter dresses, so I had to post it!

Kayla and Jenna are really creative these days, keeping themselves entertained while I feed their baby brother!


Our neighborhood had a swimming party to celebrate the end of the school year, the girls had so much fun!

My sister, Laura, and her kids Alan, Amy, and Abby visited us from Montana -- we all had such a blast together! Wish they could stay forever!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Introducing Gavin Thurman Asay
Born March 10, 2008 at 10:26 pm
Timpanogos Hospital
6 lbs 14oz -- 20 inches